Organic Promise

If you're like us, you probably look for the purest food to power your best self. Whether you're getting all the kids off to school or scaling a peak in the Andes, you know clean foods help you perform at the highest vibration.

At Artisana, we believe the way we eat means everything to how we feel. We make foods that help us feel our best and be our best every day. 


In 2002, organic food was not easily available around the country. We began to buy raw organic almonds and sell those on the internet to people who wanted and needed these essential foods, but had no local co-op to buy at. We worked out of our homes and out of a small shared production kitchen in Berkeley, on the east side of the San Francisco Bay.

Soon, we were making almond butter out of these almonds and selling that too! We moved into a small space in Oakland and extended our offerings, creating raw organic cashew butter, walnut butter, pecan butter and tahini.

Like any start up, there were long days and long nights, finding just the right ingredients and just the right methods that would preserve the integrity of the nuts we sourced. We often did our own pick-ups so we could connect directly with our farmers.

We particularly loved driving up to the orchards outside of Chico, CA to pick up fresh whole walnuts from our friends -- farmers who had been growing organically since long before it was a standard.

We connected with farmers throughout California and organic food enthusiasts across the country, taking Artisana products to local co-ops, farmer's markets, and eventually natural food stores like Whole Foods. We wanted to make organic food options available to people everywhere in the US – to make better eating easy whether you lived in Cleveland, San Francisco, or rural Maine.

Fifteen years later, organic food is now a reality in stores everywhere and across the internet. In that time, we have grown Artisana in Oakland, California, where we continue to produce all our own products with the same small-batch methods we’ve used from the beginning.

In doing this, our small and mighty team of 30 is able to watch over every step of the process, from seed to shelf.

We're also certified R.A.W. and C.L.E.A.N! Learn more.


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