Keto Starter Kit

$98.00 USD

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Stock your pantry with this collection of organic coconut and almond butters in both jars and handy on-the-go snack pouches. These are great dairy-free, certified organic treats for a keto lifestyle.

Included in this Kit:

  • Two Coconut Butter Jars, 14oz
  • Two Almond Butter Jars, 14oz
  • Ten Coconut Butter Snack Pouches, 1.06oz each
  • Ten Almond Butter Snack Pouches, 1.06oz each

We never roast, toast or bake our nuts or our coconut and we've certified them R.A.W. with Clean Food Certified.

You'll love the true taste of unroasted almonds in our almond butter. No added sugars, no added oils, and no added salts! Just 100% organic almonds in a slightly crunchy, super spreadable form.

The coconut butter is 100% coconut in a spreadable, creamy form. Warm it to drizzle it on veggies or make fat bombs, spoon it straight from the jar for an afternoon snack, or use it in baked and no-bake treats.

Made on machinery that processes a variety of tree nuts and seeds, but does not process peanuts, gluten, dairy or soy.

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