Organic Unroasted Hemp Butter

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Try Artisana's new organic SEED butter, made from unroasted, hulled hemp seeds.

Why do we love hemp seed butter? At 10g of plant-based protein per serving, it's a superstar. Plus, if you're counting carbs, this one keeps it low (4g total carbs, 3g of which are dietary fiber, per serving).

On its own, hemp butter is strong, almost like a flavor cross of tahini and wheatgrass. It's amazing on a slice of homemade sourdough with a sprinkle of flake salt and some lemon zest.

For those who are hemp-hesitant, try it in other recipes first! When hemp butter is blended with other ingredients, it suddenly becomes very mild, slightly nutty, and extremely creamy.

Hemp butter is an excellent substitute for dairy in all your salad dressings (makes it creamy and mayonnaise-y, without dairy and mayo), it's an easy smoothie booster, and a great base for a DIY hemp "milk".

Crafted to be keto-, paleo- and vegan-friendly. Never roasted. No added sugars, salt, or oils. Contains 4g carbs per two tablespoon serving, with 3g dietary fiber.

Ingredients: Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds