No-Bake Pistachio Baklava Bars

April 17, 2018

What goes better with tahini that honey or maple syrup? We're not sure there's any answer! These sweeteners blend well with the unique flavor of tahini (sesame seed butter) in this recipe for no-bake baklava bars.

We used Cotter Crunch's baklava recipe for guidance, but added in pistachios (because we just can't get over the gorgeous color!), and used our raw tahini to make this a no-bake treat.

Did these bars make it all the way to dessert? Nope. We shared them at the office for lunch and they were gone in a snap!


1/3 cup pistachios

1/3 cup hazelnuts

1/3 cup walnuts or almonds

1/2 cup almond flour, or 1/3 cup almond flour + 3 tablespoons coconut flour

1/4 cup raw tahini

1/4 cup honey

2 pinches salt

3 tablespoons melted coconut oil

pinch of cinnamon

How to Make

You'll want chopped nuts. You can chop them by hand or put them in the food processor until they are coarsely ground.

Mix the following ingredients in a skillet: chopped nuts, almond / coconut flour, coconut oil and salt. Lightly toast over low heat.

Next, pour in the honey. Stir well and heat on low until the honey bubbles. Pull from heat and let cool for 5-10 minutes.

Put this nut mixture in a bowl and mix in the tahini and the cinnamon until thoroughly combined.

Press this mixture into an 8x8 pan or dish.

Put in freezer for 30 minutes or more. 

Remove from freezer and let thaw long enough to be able to safely and easily slice into squares.

Store in airtight container in the fridge of freezer. If you store them in the freezer, make sure to let them thaw a bit before eating.

*A note on the flour options: Using only almond flour results in a slightly heavier, gooier bar; using the almond / coconut combo results in a flakier bar. We found the almond-only bars held together completely, while the almond / coconut flour combo resulted in a lighter bar, but one with some crumbles.

Many thanks to @cottercrunch for the inspiration for this recipe! See her original baklava bar recipe here.

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