Introducing… The Best New Coconut Oil on the Market

February 24, 2020

Cold-Pressed and Centrifuge-Extracted, Artisana Organics' new coconut oil boasts true-to-nature flavor and clean, clear mouthfeel

by Courtney at Artisana

Cold Centrifuge-Extracted? It’s a mouthful (frankly, I’m still not sure where to put all the hyphens), but the quality of it speaks for itself.

Our new Cold Centrifuge-Extracted Coconut Oil truly surprised me the first time I tasted it. I almost thought I was tasting coconut milk because the flavor was that clear and delicious.

Most coconut oils are made with either a chemical process or an expeller-pressing process. We obviously don’t like the chemical processes because they require hydrocarbon extraction and solvents (blech). With expeller-pressing, the process as a whole can vary significantly in temperature from manufacturer to manufacturer, so quality and flavor can vary significantly too. If quality and temperature are important to you, I’d suggest asking each individual manufacturer or brand how their expeller-pressing process works.

The process of cold centrifuge extraction is completely different. 

Our cold centrifuge extraction starts with the fresh, wet flesh of the coconut, which is processed within 24 hours (!) of the coconut being opened. The coconut flesh is cold-pressed to separate the liquids from the fibers of the coconut. The liquid is then put into a centrifuge, which “spins” the fat apart from the water and other contents. (There’s some more science involved, but I find it easiest to think about it as a high-speed spinner). The press and the centrifuge are — you guessed it — kept cold the entire time. 

What results from this exacting process is a delicious tasting, high-integrity oil. 

This is not a coconut oil to simply use in high heat cooking — though it is perfectly fine for that. The marvelous consistency and flavor in Artisana Organics’ Cold Centrifuge-Extracted Coconut Oil makes it ideal for no-bake and raw pies, keto fat bombs, and your morning coffee (blend, don’t stir 😄).  Many people even say it seems less “greasy” than other coconut oils, making it also ideal for hair and skin care.

Like all our products, our coconut oil is certified organic. And, as part of our pure raw nut butter line, it is also certified R.A.W and C.L.E.A.N. This means our production processes have been evaluated by a third party certifier to ensure that a valuable amount of micronutrients are retained throughout the entire process, from ingredient to jar.

You’ll see Artisana Organics Cold Centrifuge-Extracted Coconut Oil roll out in stores this Spring. But you can get this gem right now, here on our website.