Hemp Butter! Brazil Nuts! Macadamias! Talking about Artisana's new nut butter blends

Hemp Butter! Brazil Nuts! Macadamias! Talking about Artisana's new nut butter blends

We get a lot of questions about Artisana's new nut butter blends on social so Kellie Peach and I decided to sit down and chat about the three new products. The conversation took place in late April over gChat and has been lightly edited for consistency.

COURTNEY: Kellie Peach, I wanted to talk to you today about our new products because I’m absolutely in love with the Hemp & Brazil Nut Butter Blend and you were saying the Mac-Coconut Nut Butter Blend is really more your style. What gives?

KP: I mean, I love them both... But I dig how the Mac-Coco has me feeling like I’m in the tropics. It’s kinda like taking a mini-vacation in my mouth! (Can I say that?!) 

CS: Haha, that makes so much sense. You love the tropics and I love the mountains. I’m, like, hiking through the forest with Hemp-Brazil in my backpack and you're out on a beach towel with your Mac-Coco.
KP: Before shelter-in-place, absolutely. That was us.

CS: I actually use the Mac-Coco all the time too. I particularly like to use it to make non-dairy milk. Our two year old usually drinks goat milk, but when we run out or when he has a cold and we want to cut the dairy entirely, then I blend a tablespoon of Mac-Coco in a cup of water and voila -- instant non-dairy milk! He's also been known to eat the Mac-Coco from the jar with a spoon as if it was a thick soup.

KP: A kid after my own heart. Look, even though I’m Team Mac-Coco, I’ll admit, the Hemp-Brazil blend is fun because I think it’s such a departure for us, namely in that it’s a blend of unexpected nuts and seeds done in a way that’s mostly savory but a little sweet at the end, and I like the tiny dash of salt. I’m glad we decided to add salt to the two blends. In terms of how I’m using it, I’m a big advocate for green apples, so I’ve been pairing Hemp-Brazil with those (divine). And you can’t blame a banana for being a great boat for Hemp-Brazil nut butter. For me, the Hemp-Brazil spread isn’t a stand alone -- it’s more of a goes-with-other-things butter.

CS: For me, the Hemp-Brazil is the one I eat all by itself, by the spoonful! The brazil nuts sort of smooth out the grassy kick of hemp and satisfy my “Savory Tooth” (is that a thing?). PS: agreed on the dash of salt -- it brings both blends up a notch in terms of a stand-alone OR an add-to-other-things snack. 

KP: Haha. Savory tooth! If it’s not yet a thing, let’s make it one. What is the best thing you’d create out of the Hemp-Brazil blend with your Savory Tooth? I picture making an epic salad dressing with sesame oil and ume plum vinegar (my other go-to items besides nut butter).

CS: Ooh, a recipe. That’s a tough one since I basically only eat Hemp-Brazil directly from the jar or on toast. But, okay, my first thought is a dressing for steamed vegetables or a dipping sauce for raw veggies. I think I’d want to get some tang in there, so either use a tangy veggie like a radish, or I would whip in some lemon juice or lemon zest with the butter to get a good drizzle for the veggies. Like when I’m making tahini sauce, I’d also want to whip in or blend in some olive oil and some water to get it extra creamy and thin enough to easily dip or drizzle. What's your favorite recipe to make with the Mac-Coco?

KP: Oh dang. You got me with the recipe question too. That’s why I’m all in awe of the folks who send us pictures on Instagram and Facebook! They are kitchen wizards! I’m a daily smoothie gal, especially when it gets warmer out like it is now. My current smoothie is kind of simple: 1 Banana, 1 tsp of Chia, a handful of dino Kale, a handful of blueberries, a bunch of Mac-Coco Butter, a bit of water and blend it up, baby.

CS: Mac-Coco makes everything creamier, right? And the texture is soooo smooth. Like I said, we’re using it for a non-dairy milk base, but I was thinking, could we use it to make blended drinks too? Like a non-dairy daiquiri? Keeping in line with your love for the tropics and all :)

KP: So it’s obvious we’re in love with our new nut butter blends but let’s talk about the unroasted hemp butter for a minute. It's just hemp, solo, so more in line with Artisana's traditional offerings: single-ingredient, unroasted.

CS: After a lot of taste testing, I've realized there’s a certain palate that is just craving unroasted hemp butter, and then there's others for whom it tastes, well, different.

KP: To me, it tastes like a spoonful of fresh moss… HAHA.

CS: You’re too funny. It certainly has grassy flavors, which I wasn’t sure about at first. But now, I’m going back to the shelf everyday for it. I put a thin layer on toast, give it a sprinkle of salt, and if I’m feeling extra gourmet, a zest of lemon.

KP: It’s really a product for folks who want super pure flavor and like a certain earthy, umami element. 


KP: On the other hand, I wasn’t a fan at first, but you know, you sent me a couple jars and I figured I oughta do something with it. Next thing you know, it’s going in my smoothies on the daily. I like the consistency--

CS: It might even be creamier than our cashew butter.

KP: Seriously. And I love the protein content, plus the carb count is 4 grams for two tablespoons, and three of those are dietary fiber. I've been seeing people bake keto cookies with it too. And did you see the brownies I posted to Instagram, btw? The ones made with our hemp butter.

CS: She said they might’ve been the best brownies she ever made. I hadn’t even thought to try baking with the hemp.

KP: You are kinda an epic baker. I’m excited about our upcoming giveaway so folks will be able to try it out in case they’re concerned that they won’t LOVE IT.

CS: Meanwhile, you’ll be off sunbathing with your Mac-Coco and I’ll be sitting under my tree with my Hemp-Brazil. 

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