Why our Artisana Granola is better than others

Three bags of Artisana Organics Granola: Walnut, Almond, and Hazelnut

We all know how delicious granola can be. As a topping, eaten as a snack, or as its own bowl with milk, it brings joy in every bite. However, most of these bites contain a lot of cane sugar and don’t really bring a lot of nutrition to your body. We wanted to bring something better and healthier into the granola market. Something different. 

That’s why we decided to omit the number one consistently used sweetener in the world and not have cane sugar. That’s right. NO cane sugar. 

Person reading the ingredients of Artisana Organics Granola

Our strength lies not in competing on crunchiness, which is typically generated by cane sugar, but in our exceptional flavor profile, aroma, and the highest quality ingredients available in the market. Additionally, our organic granolas have a low glycemic index because we choose to use coconut sugar, yacon and date sugars, making them an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy granola without feeling guilty. We combine our organic raw nut butters, chia seeds and amaranth puffs alongside berries in our mixes for additional nutritional value and help sustain energy longer. 

Artisana Organics is also a Palm Oil Free brand making it the number one choice for nut butters and granola. You can find us at artisanamarket.com for your next purchase. 

Experience the ultimate health boost with our cane-sugar-free granola—your most wholesome choice for a guilt-free delight!